Hi, I’m Jeanie, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance, dear!  I’m a real, true Southern Belle.  You know the soft-spoken type. You may at first think I’m a little shy, but that’s just because I’m thinking of all the dirty and nasty things I want to do to you. Because I love, and I mean LOVE, sex just as much as the next girl, if not more. But, I was raised to be a sweet southern girl and we like our sex served up in a romantic package—a little warm conversation and teasing before we get down to talking real dirty.  

I love all types of men of any age.  But there’s something about the older gentleman, they always seem to get my kitty purring.  Even before I lost my sweet little cherry to a man double my age, my eyes were always drawn to my girlfriends daddies, not their brothers.  

I’m a widower, and I have a step daughter that is only 4 years younger then me.  And let me tell you a little secret about my step daughter, she not only looks good, but tastes good too!  

Let’s have a discreet, horny affair together! I’d love to be your telephone sweetheart.  Let me tell you all about my dirty little secrets!