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I’ve been inspired by one of my callers to start blogging more. So I’m going to give it a shot and try to keep up with it and give you some interesting little insites that will inspire you to have great sex. Sex is good, releases stress, good exercise and just makes you feel good about everything! Of course I wouldn’t be telling a lie if I said I wanted you to call me and share with me what turns you on.

Its Saturday, one of my favorite days of the week. Have a cold bottle of wine in hand and going to lakeside to share it with some friends. Who knows what else may happen this evening.
Ps . I will be taking the phone with me just in case you would like to phone!
kisses Jeanie

Need the number do you?

If you use NiteFlirt it is 1-800-t0-flirt
If you wish for me to give you a call or you need a wake up call.Just call 1~877~727~9338 and ask for me and I’ll call you back anywhere anytime you wish.

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