Tequila make my clothes come off


I have to say, this year seems to be flying by, time flies when you are having so much fun, guess I owe that to all my horny boyz!!! Hope you are having fun too. May is almost here, It’s my 2nd favorite time of the year Bikini /tequila .And You know that tequila making your clothes come off, . What makes your clothes drop off baby, I hope I can,just picture me slowly running my long wine nails down your chest, unzipping your pants, dropping them to the floor, your sexy black boxers down also, wow, what a “fine hard piece of equipment” you have there, let me check it out a little closer, feel my sweet wet lips kissing over that sweet head,tongue licking that tiny hole and then down that hard shaft…..oomy baby give me more. Hey baby call me 1♥877♥727♥9338 soon
♥♥♥ Kisses Jeanie ♥♥♥

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Oh my Miss Jeanie!

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