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In case you have ever wondered, there are so many types of calls to choose from.Yes anything goes! I have listed some, I know there are many others. If you love calling Me or some of my dear friends at Vixen Phone Sex…this list may provide you with options for your naughty fantasies. If you haven’t called us, read on and discover the inner freak in you. You may have no choice but to call and give it a try. HEHE. I know I will be waiting.

2- GIRLS – every man’s Dream. Whether you want to just listen to us go at it or you get to be the center of attention.

ADULT BABY – What a good little baby you are. Does mommy need to spoil you?

AGE PLAY – This can go so many ways. From mature to very young. Quite often it turns into Daddy play. I see you looking at my panties Daddy.

ANAL SEX – Whether you want me to pull my cheeks open and beg for it or you want to just take it. Naughty boys who like it in the ass can always find a willing girl to give it to him. Beg 4 it.

AUNT, HORNY FOR YOU – Ever fantasize about your Mom’s sister? She was always so nice and smelled so good. Good thing she isn’t Mom – the things you want to do to her.

BABYSITTER, MATURE – Remember being little and whacking off in the bathroom when you at the babysitter ?

BAD GIRL – Some girls are just born bad Like me.

BBW – For those men that love luscious curves and juicy booties.

BESTIALITY FANTASY – K-9, horses, fun on the farm. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

BIG BLACK COCK LOVER – Monstrous black cock filling a pink little cunts.

BIG TITS – Slobber on them, suck them, spank them around. Stick your dick in the middle and ride.

BISEXUAL BABE – She likes it both way. Eat some pussy with you.

BITCH – Yea? so what? fuck me then go the hell on.

BLACKMAIL – If you do what I tell you to, I won’t tell. (Fingers crossed behind our backs.)

BLOW JOBS/ORAL SEX – Slurping on that big hard rod makes me wet.

BRIDE -Sweet Blushing and virgin, of course.

BUKAKKE – How much cum can one girl be covered in?

CASTRATION FANTASY – It is true, some men would just be better off without a dick. Maybe it causes too much trouble. Whack the fucker off.

CBT – Bull clips, clothespins, rubber bands, wax. Pierce them, scratch them, tie them in a knot. Cock and ball torture loves to be rough.

CHEATING WIFE/Cuckold – She comes home smelling like sex. She is getting fucked hard, but not by you.

CLASSY LADIES – Always perfection and grace. Too bad you can’t get close to her. Probably only good enough to lick her heels.

CREAMPIE – Suck and clean my cum filled cunt. The cum is surely not yours. Lick it!!

CROSSDRESSING – Like the feel of nylons and lipstick? You look beautiful and I want to smear your lipstick with my cock.

CUCKOLD – Pathetic cock can’t please his wife so she makes you watch her get fucked by a REAL man.

CUM/COCK CONTROL – Oh it feels so good, almost there. Take your hand off that cock NOW.

CUM LOVER – I just can’t get enough. I want to slurp it all up. Join me? or watch?

DADDY’s LITTLE GIRL – So sweet and young. Daddy is always wrapped around babies little finger. She knows how to make him smile.

DANCER – Tight body and loves being watched on stage.

DIAPER FETISH – Does that little baby need a diapy change?

DILDO – No matter where I put it, it will feel so good. Want to try?

DISCIPLINE – Everyone needs to be put in their place sometimes.

DIVORCED – Are you getting divorced? Need consoling? Or do you need to be told what a fucking loser you are cause no woman wants to be married to your ass?

DOMINATRIXES -{This Is my dear friend Paula to a Tee }Controls your world and you worship hers. Giving everything – no matter what her whim.

DRESS UP – Let’s go shopping! I don’t like these panties on me…here, try them on.

ENEMA – The fullness, the feeling, the release. Let’s clean that nasty ass.The thing we can use.

EVIL LITTLE BITCH – Twisted, mean and viscious. Crazy bitch, but you fuck so good.

EXHIBITIONIST – Nudist around the house. Showing off in public. Take me out and watch me entice all the guys.

EXTREME AGE-PLAY – Only you can decide how young or old to go.

EXTREME DOMINATION – You will obey because you have no other choice.

FACE SITTING – Clear a spot and take a deep breath. Smothering.

FACIALS – Squirt it all over my face. Or take his cock out of me and get it in yours Cum Whore.

FAMILY FUN – My brother sure has grown up. Mommy made our first time the best.

FEMINIZATION – Let’s turn you into a woman. Panties, bras, lipstick and sweet little voice. You know you want to get fucked.

FISTING – Bring some lube and a nasty desire to fill up my pussy.

FORCED BI – The only way you are going to get to fuck me is to get down on your knees and suck my boyfriend off first.

FORCED FEMINIZATION – Just put on the clothes Bitch.

FOOT FETISH – Love the way that little piggy toe curls? The scent? The way it feels to lick your tongue down the sole?

GAGGING – Your cock is just so damn big it makes me gag when I try to deep throat it. Jam it in and make me puke on your big stick.

GANGBANGs – Everyone in a pile fucking, sucking and touching.

GFE- Girl Friend you have always wanted.

GIGANTIC BREASTS – Big as your head. Feel just like a baby sucking them. Swinging, huge and delicious.

GIGGLING GIRL – Whether she is laughing at or with you…you love the sound of her giggle.

GIRL NEXT DOOR – Just your regular girl with something extra just for you.

GIANT – Want to feel small? The 500 foot woman turn you on? The idea of crawling around inside. Climbing her and capturing her attention.

GOLDEN SHOWERS – Give or receive. The golden heat straight from the source.

GOOD GIRL GONE BAD – I was a virgin until I met you.

GRANDMA – Older women know some secrets young girls don’t. Let grandma give you a sample of why she keeps grandpa smiling.

HAIRY PUSSY – Covered in fur just as nature intended. The scent, the feel and pulling that prize open.

HAND JOBS – Dirty little tryst in a bathroom stall, in your car, at the club.

HEELS – Love the arch of the foot in a tall pair of heels? Stilettos? Even the idea of have them step on you?

HORNY HOUSEWIFE – Her husband goes to work and never appreciates her anymore. Won’t you let her know what she is worth?

HOT OLDER BABE – Some boys just love older women.

HUMILIATION – Pathetic? Loser? Only thing you can get you have to pay for? Pity fuck? Not hardly…take that dick elsewhere you underwear snot.

INCEST FANTASY – Keeping it all in the family.

IMPREGNATION FANTASY – Breeders. Keep a kennel full of ripe pussies just for you to fill. Fill me up over and over until you knock me up.

INSERTIONS – This covers so many areas. Weird insertions, delicate, medical, catheters. Even more extreme – needles and pins. Broomsticks, cucumbers…whatever looks good and can fill you or me up. Watch it slide in and stretch you out.

K9 FANTASY – Big breeds are wanted for a reason. Woof.

LACTATION FETISH – My titties are so heavy from all this milk. Squirt, suck and just watch it drip. So sweet is mothers milk.

LEATHER FETISH – The smell, the feel. Leather clothes, hoods and toys. The feel of leather against your skin.

LINGERIE – Silky smooth and sexy. Explaining every detail of this pretty perfection.

MARRIED WOMEN – Want to get off with a taken woman? Like how she sluts around even with that ring on her finger. Fuck another mans woman…he will probably be licking your cum out later.

MASTURBATION – I want to rub my pussy and get off with you. Let’

MEAN GIRL – Take her shit and lust after her while she walks away. Or teach her a lesson about being a bitch.

MEAN MOTHER – Mommy always spanked me. She never paid any attention. Then she made me watch while she fucked all sorts of guys.

MILF – I know you see her at the grocery store with her kids. Tight body, sexy. Oh that is one hot momma. Put the kiddos to bed and let’s get nasty.

MOTHER-IN-LAW – Want the older version of your wife? She may be frigid but her momma isn’t.

NEIGHBORHOOD WHORE – She fucks everyone in the neighborhood. Clean her up or bend her over and take turns.

NICE GIRLS – Isn’t she so sweet and nice. Don’t you just want to know what she looks like with a cock in her precious, pristine mouth?

PAIN MISTRESS – She loves to hear your cries and your pathetic attempts to make her stop. She wants nothing more than to make you feel the pain.

PAIN SLUT – Can’t get off until you pinch, spank and torture her little ass.

PANTY BOY MISTRESSES – Are you a sweet little sissy that needs his man pussy fucked? Show Mistress your pretty panties, parade around and let yourself be used by whomever or whatever she chooses. Don’t rub those panties against your clitty too much.

PEARL NECKLACE – Old fashioned and just like ZZ Top says…She wore a pearl necklace. And she is proud of it too.

PETITE – So small, tiny and cute….Pick her up, toss her around. Big men love the idea of a little cutie crawling all over them.

PIGTAILS – Reminds you of little young things. Rub them, feel them against your thighs, grab her by them from behind. Rodeo time!

Bathroom PLAY – Who wants to clean me up after I take a piss? Like getting that dick sucked while you take a giant shit? Nasty dirty fun.

PREGNANT FANTASY – Like rubbing that swollen belly? Those big jugs full of milk?

PUNISHMENT – Denying you time, making you hang and wait for big orgasm, not letting you have one at all. Ignoring you, making you pay.

PIMPING – You think you are a big pimp? Want all the whores running to you? Maybe you want to put my sweet ass on the curb to fulfill your fantasy. Watching me in the car suck off strange cock?

QUICKIES – Only have time for a quick fuck. No frills and foreplay, whip that dick out and let’s get started.

RAPE ROLEPLAY – Grudge fuck at it’s best. Sneak in, abduct me and tie me up. Does the sounds of my crying and begging make your cock throb?

RIMMING – Just a little around the asshole please.

ROLEPLAYS, ANY – You think it up man…we are happy to help you get there.

SCAT – Two girls/one cup turn you on? Listening to sweet young women taking a shit make you hard? Good girls do nasty things too.

SCHOOL GIRLS – Parochial school girls are so sexy. Want to tarnish her little halo?

SEDUCTRESS – She will take you on a journey and deliver you spent and wanting more.

SEX TOYS – Let me help you pick out which ones. Take me shopping then let’s play with them together. When we are finished you will be filled in every hole.

SEXY SHEMALE – Like a woman with a little something extra?

SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION – hahahaha what a pathetic little worm that is. Is it in? Wait. Oh I got to call my girlfriend and tell her about this.

SMOKING FETISH – The sound of the lighter, the inhale of smoke. Long, slender and the little o of her mouth as she sucks it in. Blowing billows around your head as your cock swells.

SPANKINGS – Bend me over and spank me. Make my ass so pink. Make sure I get it extra hard for trying to cover my butt with my hands.

SPOILED BRAT – Yea I am a princess…so what? What are you gonna do for me fuck boy?

STEP MOMS – Daddy just had to go and marry that woman. Well she isn’t my momma…I want to know what Dad has been getting.

STOCKINGS & HEELS – Love nylons, pantyhose, stockings? The feel, wrapping them around your cock. Ripping them open and suck that pretty pussy.

STRAPON MISTRESSES – I am going to teach you how to suck and take this cock.

SUBMISSIVE -{ Yes this is me 4 sure}Order me, control me. Make me your pet. I will take anything you give me…cause dominating me means you want me.

SWINGER – Do you lust your neighbor or friends wife. Wish you could just swap and watch your wife get fucked by your friend while his wife sucks your cum?

TEACHER – Everybody lusted some teacher as she wrote at the chalkboard in that tight skirt. Ohhh Mrs. Propst, can I stay after class for some extra credit?

TEASE/DENIAL – Stroking you up to the ultimate release, only to stop you. This actually over time will make you last longer and stronger. Teach that cock who is in control. ME

TEEN – Isn’t she just blossoming. Love those firm tits and silky skin? She is rebellious and getting her first car. Make her run away to your house.

TICKLING – Oh the torture and pleasure of the tickle. The feet, the ribs, and armpits. She struggles under you and you feel in control.

TITTY FUCK – Rub that hard cock in between some fabulous melons. Spit in between them and get it all nasty and wet. I want to be able to suck the head every time it gets forced through my squeezed tits.

VERBAL ABUSE – Because you need to hear what a miserable fuck you are.

VIRGIN – I’ve never done this kind of thing before. Maybe just the head. Is it going to hurt?

WHIPS – The sound and the sting. Different aspects can be taken here. Some want to whip you, some love getting whipped. Sometimes racial, sometimes BDSM.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of different types of calls. Feel free to let me know of something I have missed. I love learning new things.

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