Sexy Masturbator doing it to picks!



I just got off on this really hot phone sex call! He told me to call him  the Masturbator. He was putting warm oil on his cock and I could hear him jerking off his dick. I mean he was stroking vigorously. He said he was looking at my pictures he had just got and printed out. He was so fuckin horny. I get sooooo turned on hearing guys jerking off

I let him listen to me rubbing and fingering my sweet juicy pussy. We were talking real dirty and nasty and he was telling me how he was wanking off. I told him to fuck his hand like it was my wet pussy. I heard a loud groan and him cumming,I  mean this guy really squirted alot of cum! He kept saying OMGBaby! IM STILL CUMMING! IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING..

He said he squirted all over the pictures he had printed out.So get you some of my pictures  Baby and Call me ..I ‘ll be waiting,

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