Errands done and its time to play


I just got back from running errands….one of my stops was the local grocery store, I have my tightest pair of bluejeans on with my purple low cut V – necked tight fitting sweater and my black high heeled boots. Now picture watching me from behind while I push the grocery cart down the aisle strutting my stuff, I accidently dropped a box of pudding on the floor when I reached for mine, when I went to bend over and pick it up, I glanced behind me and saw the hottest, stud, with salt and pepper hair a very handsome man just standing there watching me. I stood up and smiled at him and his face instantly turned red, I glanced towards his pants and saw the biggest bulge you can imagine. I so love turning men on, call me soon while my panties are still wet and let’s play!! I can be reached at 877~727~9338, you can also check out my pics at
Places you can find more of ME : AND 1~877~727~9338

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